Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Exhibition Andy Warhol in the Moscow Mercedes-Benz salon

About the Exhibition On March 31, the exhibition of Andy Warhol's "The Favorite Machine of Andy Warhol" will open. The flagship Mercedes-Benz RUS sales salon...

Light filled white wall decor: yes or no?

A home for simply sophisticated families We welcome you to a beautiful home, surrounded by nature and built with a modern and professional design. Bringing...

Glass Doors for the Bathroom – 25 Interesting Solutions

Everyone dreams of making their homes perfect. For someone the main thing is to create a simple but cozy and comfortable environment, and someone...


Radius wardrobes: photo designs, benefits and an overview of current models

Radius wardrobe will be a wonderful decoration of your interior In an effort to come up with an unusual decorators are many forms in the familiar things of home interior. So, in 2017 became the fashion kings radius wardrobes . Standard Furniture has long ceased to interest the owners of apartments and houses not only [...]
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The main sites Fuori Salone in Milan | Practical work

  The Milan Design Week is not only the huge pavilions of the Rho Fiera exhibition center, but also a multitude of exhibits scattered throughout...

Townhouse in Chelyabinsk,


intermediate stairs Wall Decorate Ideas

Intermediate stairs and their varieties in a private house on 29 photos

Those who decided to build a house with two or more floors realize that choosing a staircase is a very important task. It should...
Dessert spoon

Dessert spoon: serving delicious and decor options for all occasions

Dessert spoon is used for culinary purposes as a measure of volume Dessert spoon - "the youngest daughter" of the number of cutlery , which are divided into a plurality of species. An interesting fact of the historical origin of this device: it was used in ancient times and was originally made from materials such [...]

Off-season comfort for the whole family: how to make a warm floor in a...

It is important that the floor of the house was warm even in the cold season. Later in the article you will learn how to build it in your own home Warming of the floor covering in the recently acquired enormous popularity, so many people are interested in how to make a warm floor in [...]

Beautiful utensils for the home: form, materials, and 80 elegant ideas servings per day

The harmonious combination of colors and design of ceramic tableware Beautiful dishes, photos which are presented in a wide range, has a lot of features. Just imagine: the early morning, the sun's rays barely begin to penetrate the glass of your windows from the kitchen came the aroma of tea or coffee drink. All this [...]
one-room apartment

One-room Apartment-As can be divided into two zones

In the real estate market, one-room apartments are in stable demand because of their lower cost compared to multi-room apartments. Due to its small...


The unique design of the house of Frank Lloyd Ryde

The unique design of the house The house with the unique design of Frank Lloyd Wright in Glencoe goes on sale. The building of Sherman...