Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Glass doors for the shower

Glass doors for the shower: get functional ideas with 30 photos

Glass doors for shower - an excellent solution for both small and large bathrooms. Glass - a practical material that does not deteriorate from...
Design of a one-room apartment

Design of a one-room apartment Fresh ideas with 30 photos

Everyone living in a one-room apartment understands that a small space must be filled with the mind and to the maximum. Therefore, before finishing...
Oscar Niemeyer

Updated Oscar Niemeyer Library in Haifa | Architecture in the journal AD

  Israeli architect Azaf Lerman took the liberty to transform the forgotten architectural design of Oscar Niemeyer - a library on the territory of the...
sill worktop

Sill-worktop in the room: 70+ functional ideas for saving space

Luxury kitchen in wenge with table tops made of natural stone There are a number of key options that allow you to apply such element as a window sill, countertop, in the room: a photo to eat them in large quantities, so fans of the extraordinary decision to look for original ideas is easy. For [...]

Interior walls of the glass: 80 design variants apartment zoning

Large apartment in a loft style with a glass room divider The abundance of light and volume in the interior arrangement is almost always a priority, but the zoning of the premises often "eaten" the usable space, so the designers so loved by interior walls of glass. Similar designs can transform a tiny studio , [...]