Tuesday, November 21, 2017

balconies: French colonial chic and elegant 75 of its incarnations

Nowadays, a wide range of forged products and virtually everyone can choose the color, shape and style of performance that he was impressed Balconies in the traditional sense of the word are not much different from one another, so the wrought-iron balconies, a photo which you can see on this page are of the highlight [...]

Balcony in loft: advice on the expansion of space and 70+ stylish implementations

The basic idea is to combine the style of different architectural solutions Balcony in the loft-style - an imitation of another extra room in the attic style loft extraordinary artist that you like, but not a place for the accumulation of pickles and all sorts of rubbish! Urban chic, grunge elements, full of punk-style, insinuating [...]