Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Recliner: what it is, aspects of the selection and review of implementation in the...

The balance between modern technological innovations and classic design solutions install popular today Recliner Doctors in one voice say about the need proper rest, and make it as simple as possible and allow comfortable recliner. What is it, what are the characteristics of this complicated structure, we consider in this article. American scientists to question [...]

Baluster : practical and efficient for home decor

Openwork baluster give a note of luxury throughout the room One way of decoration and safety stairs and balconies - a baluster, the use of which makes a typical ladder into a work of art. There are a thousand-year history of this architectural element is extremely popular and in modern design . But today balusters [...]

Lamps for plants: 45 photo types and tips on how to choose the right

In prolonged periods of cloudy weather and just deep into the plant premises lack of natural light, and it needs to be compensated Lamps for plants - is the ability to compensate for the lack of light, which is especially important in autumn and winter. Even if you put the plants on the south side [...]

Doors in the interior: how to update their own hands and 50+ inspirational decor...

Interior doors, painted in yellow and white Sooner or later, any, even the most elegant and refined part of the interior needs to be updated. Doors  in the interior - is no exception. Doors and their apartment in a minimum of two ( front and in the bathroom ), in addition to their main purpose, [...]
polennitsa firewood

Polennitsa firewood: 70 kinds of designs and practical options for private homes

Polennitsa firewood can become an elegant part of your home decor section Polennitsa firewood - an excellent option carefully and tastefully laid the wood, while providing them with optimal storage conditions. Choosing beautiful woodpile, you get the satisfaction of the result of their labor. If you are going to provide the furnace heating in the [...]

decorative plaster: How to apply?

  Today, building materials technology has leaped forward, and we have on the market a huge range of decorative paints and plaster, which have long outstripped the price ordinary wallpaper and firmly occupied the leading position in sales growth. In this segment today there is an opportunity to choose a cheaper material with an average [...]

Siphon: types of siphons and the secrets of the correct choice

Bathroom in white color, combined with bedroom There is no such component, which could be replaced by siphon. Simply put, the product is represented by the water valve which prevents sewer gases out. Under this definition often get virtually all of the devices through which the drain, but this is not true. Especially important in [...]

wallpaper on paper: gluing the correct tricks and 60 universal design ideas

Vinyl wallpaper today have become very popular Vinyl wallpaper glue on paper - quite a simple task that hardly anyone would call too time-consuming. However, in order to thoroughly understand all the intricacies of this process, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with some of the recommendations. Next, we describe the main characteristics of vinyl [...]

kitchen: Cutlery tray in a box select the perfect organizer

Cutlery tray in wood Tray for cutlery in the drawer - practical and indispensable thing for any kitchen. Kitchen must not only look beautiful, but also to be functional and practical. Everything should be arranged ergonomically, so that all the items were always at hand. Content: The importance of the competent organization of the storage [...]