Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Off-season comfort for the whole family: how to make a warm floor in a...

It is important that the floor of the house was warm even in the cold season. Later in the article you will learn how to build it in your own home Warming of the floor covering in the recently acquired enormous popularity, so many people are interested in how to make a warm floor in [...]

Rubber paint for wood: features and everything you need to know before painting

Thanks to rubber paint for wood fa├žade of your home will always be irresistible Rubber paint for wood belongs to the new generation of paint materials. In recent years, it has acquired a special popularity thanks to its unique technological features. She give their preference and professional builders, and newcomers. She paint any wooden structures, [...]

Gables: what it is and its role in the construction of modern houses

Pediment - part of the facade of the building, bounded on the sides of the roof slope and its cornice Pediment - is the upper part of the facade of the building , serving as the support of the roof . From the correctness of the construction of this architectural element is directly dependent on [...]