Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Colored refrigerators: bright accents against the gray of everyday life in the kitchen

Colored fridges - a great choice for any kitchen Colored refrigerators , photos of which have seen at least once each, rapidly gaining popularity, it is not surprising, because in theĀ  interior of modern kitchen is no place for routine and triviality. From boring monotone interior refuse more and more designers, for whom good taste [...]

Bar stool with adjustable height: individual comfort for each house

Combined bar stools with padded seat and wooden back Bar stool with adjustable height previously met only in the interiors of restaurants and bar facilities. Such a piece of furniture, in contrast to the standard stool, let sit comfortably at the desk for all visitors, regardless of their growth. But why not use such a [...]
kitchen sink

Little washing kitchen sink : 70 practical options that save space

A small sink in the kitchen - a practical solution for every kitchen It is difficult to say that the small kitchen in the apartment serves as a good inheritance, but small sink in the kitchen , as well as other accessories, will cost you a profitable cost. And if you're the owner of a [...]

Kitchen without upper cabinets: 75+ functional interiors

Large kitchen of a private house in the style of a loft with high ceilings Kitchen without upper cabinets - is a modern and stylish solution. However, before you implement the idea, it will have to thoroughly think about the placement of kitchen accessories . Lack hinged lockers subject to certain inconveniences, but the appearance [...]

Pirozhkov plate: a stylish home for the service completion

Pirozhkov plate does not necessarily have to conform to the canons of classical - choose the one that is right for you like Pirozhkov plate , as well as other utensils, appeared for a long time. However, the plate is younger than the spoon or fork. After all, before even the nobles were eating out [...]
Dessert spoon

Dessert spoon: serving delicious and decor options for all occasions

Dessert spoon is used for culinary purposes as a measure of volume Dessert spoon - "the youngest daughter" of the number of cutlery , which are divided into a plurality of species. An interesting fact of the historical origin of this device: it was used in ancient times and was originally made from materials such [...]