Tuesday, November 21, 2017
apartment in New York

Karim Rashid Apartment in New York, 47 m²

Karim Rashid Karim Rashid also bought an apartment in New York. It's only 47 m² and designed in his corporate style - very bright, but practical.

kitchen: Cutlery tray in a box select the perfect organizer

Cutlery tray in wood Tray for cutlery in the drawer - practical and indispensable thing for any kitchen. Kitchen must not only look beautiful, but also to be functional and practical. Everything should be arranged ergonomically, so that all the items were always at hand. Content: The importance of the competent organization of the storage [...]

Beautiful utensils for the home: form, materials, and 80 elegant ideas servings per day

The harmonious combination of colors and design of ceramic tableware Beautiful dishes, photos which are presented in a wide range, has a lot of features. Just imagine: the early morning, the sun's rays barely begin to penetrate the glass of your windows from the kitchen came the aroma of tea or coffee drink. All this [...]