Dome on the roof of the house in the forest: project overview


 The dome on the roof of the house

The dome on the roof, which has a living space for one person

What do you think, why does a man build a glass dome on the roof of the house and equip it with a habitable space? Perhaps in order to reconnect with nature, with this inexhaustible source of vital energy?

The need for contact with a pristine world that has not been invaded by ubiquitous progress is especially acute for us when we for some reason break out from the captivity of the stuffy metropolis and take the first breath in full in an untouched forest (or on the shore of a deserted beach, Or in the middle of the boundless steppe – then how lucky it is).

In search of a source of inspiration, Japanese designer Satsumasa Kobayashi turned to architect Shin Ohori from General Design Co. With a request to build for him a “platform for life” in the vicinity of the city of Titibu.

The structure, originally designed to allow tents to be placed on its roof, was later crowned with a more permanent structure – a glass dome. In this reliable shelter, Kobayashi and his guests can rest, enjoying the view of the night sky.

 House with a dome on the roof

It is interesting that the impetus for the flight of our hero from the bustling city was the experience that turned his life, namely, a march to the concert of the rock band Phish, where about 60 000 people gathered. He decides to leave Tokyo to immerse himself in the work and be able to test those things that he creates as a designer.

Wood Table design by Skalny

The dwelling itself consists of two buildings that are supplied with electricity from solar panels. And they both interact with the surrounding landscape thanks to the presence of sliding doors made of fiberglass. Inside the main house there is a small climbing wall.

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The interior is designed in a country style, which does not prevent it from being modern and comfortable. The wood stove heats the entire living area. In the bathroom, equipped in a separate annexe, there is a full bath on the legs.

 Interior of the house with a wooden decoration
 Heating in a wooden house
 Wooden house with a terrace
 A small wooden house

The dome located on the roof of the house is also a jewel crowning the design of Sin Ohori.

 A dome on the roof of a wooden house
 Round dome on the roof of the house

We are sure that in this amazing place everyone is able to achieve harmony with nature and also himself. Also, what do you think?