Glass Doors for the Bathroom – 25 Interesting Solutions

glass doors in bathroom Wall Decorate Ideas

Everyone dreams of making their homes perfect. For someone the main thing is to create a simple but cozy and comfortable environment, and someone is after new trends, trying to keep pace with the times. This is expressed not only in the basic elements of the interior, but also in its minor details, which can affect the overall picture of the room. Today Dekorin will choose the doors and tell you about what glass doors for the bathroom are, about their shortcomings and advantages, and also give you the opportunity to enjoy viewing photos with their application in the interior.

Original glass doors to the bathroom – 5 photos

Agree that not everyone of you will decide to install glass doors to the bathroom, despite the fact that it looks beautiful and original. After all, many simply feel embarrassed to put the room for personal hygiene on public display. But there is a way out. You can use doors from opaque glass, such as:

  • The frosted glass – it can be, both continuous execution, and partial decorating by matte elements;
  • Embossed glass – distorts viewing, which will allow you to relax without embarrassment;
  • Tinted or mirror coating – the degree of transparency you can choose at your discretion;
  • Doors made of glass decorated with multi-colored patterns or patterns

 Unusual glass doors for a bathroom with a pattern and texture "width =" 600 "height =" 390 "/> <img class=

It is also worth noting that all these doors will be interesting to look in combination with wooden, metal or plastic inserts. Next in the photo you can see the different versions of glass doors used in real interiors for the bathroom.

 Stylish glass bathroom doors in a black metal frame "width =" 600 "height =" 450 "/> <img class=

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Glass doors for bathroom: the main advantages and disadvantages of use

Have you decided to install glass doors in the bathroom? Then let’s look at their main pros and cons.

The positive sides of glass doors for a bathroom include:

  • Water resistance – do not undergo destruction from permanent exposure to water and steam;
  • Strength – almost all glass doors are made of tempered or laminated glass. Their width is 7-10 mm, which saves space and visually increases it;
  • The material used is an environmentally friendly product;
  • Doors made of glass let in additional light into the bathroom;
  • There is a huge selection of doors of any shape, size and decorative finish;
  • Ease of care – like any glass, they are often enough to wipe with a cloth using special tools.


The minuses of glass doors for a bathroom are:

  • The higher price of the product and the cost of its installation in comparison with the doors of other materials;
  • Low sound and heat insulation;
  • Collection of condensate (white coating from moisture on the surface of the glass, which is difficult to clean). This disadvantage can be avoided by equipping the bathroom with powerful ventilation and wiping the door with a sponge immediately after taking a shower or bath.


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Types of glass door designs for bathroom

Glass doors to the bathroom can be:

Wood Table design by Skalny
  • Sliding and sliding – a feature of the design is that the shutters smoothly move to the side and do not occupy additional space upon opening;
  • Swinging – standard construction on hinges, which can consist of one or two flaps of the same or different in width; Open in one direction;
  • Pendulum – similar in design to hinged, but can swing open in both directions.

Next in the photo you can clearly see the glass doors for the bathroom in the interior with the use of various fastening structures.

 Swing doors glass for bath and toilet "width =" 600 "height =" 897 "/> <img class=

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Glass doors (curtains) for the shower – 12 photos of original ideas

If you do not dare to install the entrance glass door to the bathroom, but want to add a touch to the interior of the bathroom, then one option is to install glass doors inside the room. These can be glass doors (curtain doors) for a bath or doors that separate the shower . They look harmonious and neat, do not occupy extra space, protect furniture from splashes and visually increase the interior. This type of glass doors, too, is made primarily of tempered glass, but caution when handling them will not hurt. It should be noted that almost always this glass is covered with a moisture repellent and prevents fogging with a special composition.

 Glass doors for the bathroom - how to make a shower without a cabin "width =" 600 "height =" 440 "/> <img class=

You may ask: why not use the usual shower curtains, because it’s cheaper, customary, and there is a variety of choices for every taste? But, pay attention, that stopping the choice on glass doors for a bath and a shower, you:

  • Choose a more hygienic version, made of natural ecological materials;
  • Protect yourself from unnecessary costs in the future – because the durability of these doors is very high,
  • Transform the bathroom, making it more modern and original.

Note that during bath procedures you should always be careful not to slip and fall. Although the door is made of tempered glass, but anything can happen, and with a strong blow you can get an additional injury. Below we suggest you view 10 different versions of glass doors for bath and shower.

 Learn how to buy stylish glass doors for the bathroom "width =" 600 "height =" 400 "/> <img class= Also read: Fashionable shower fences and pallets for bathroom design Fashionable shower fences and pallets for bathroom design ]  Glass doors for the bathroom in the room About the shower curtains "width =" 600 "height =" 400 "/> <img class=

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