How to choose a set of furniture for the modern interior

modern interior Wall Decorate Ideas

Someone said that to create an interior in the same style – a laborious and difficult task. It frightens you need to select not only the decor, but also the set of furniture in the appropriate style, but it is long and expensive. Not really. If your design decision – Provence, Country, or other Loft is a modern style, you can safely buy ready-made furniture sets, designed by professional designers, as well as all the necessary elements of the interior on the website “Bookcase” . If you want to know more about what the furniture blends harmoniously with the modern styles, read the article.

Selecting sets of interior style furniture


Introduced at the beginning of the last century as a protest against the existing canons, avant-garde and is the personification of a fresh, new, extraordinary view of the interior. Bright colors (plain and bold contrasting combinations), unusual forms, expressive contours, absence of small parts – all in this area is subject to rapid dynamics. Ready set of upholstered furniture, and unusual chest that attracts attention and at the same time balance the a riot of colors, you can quickly create the necessary atmosphere without risk to overdo it with experiments, which often happens in the selection of individual objects.


Scandinavian style

Quite often (and wrongly) the main feature of this area is considered an abundance of white color – on the floor, walls, furniture upholstery. In fact, its distinctive feature – conciseness, reliability and functionality. Decor is allowed, but it also has a utilitarian function. At the same time, the nature of the room does not have to be harsh, especially when it comes to recreational areas – living room, bedroom, nursery. Thus, the white walls harmonize perfectly with dark and very comfortable upholstered furniture, which is complemented by simple tables and shelves.



One more relevant ethnic direction, but it is much easier to recognize. Entering executed in the style of Provence room, as if transported to sunny France, expecting to see the windows of the endless vineyards and lavender fields. Interior characterized by bright, natural colors, selected furniture is simple but with a claim to a certain pretentiousness, often with specially deposited scuffed. For a room in this style does not fit the coupe cabinets and other simple design of storage systems. Will create the right atmosphere cupboards, hinged console chests.

Wood Table design by Skalny



This ambiguous direction is interpreted in different ways. A rural style has no clear canon, except for one. The interior should not have factory raid, seriality, and materials – is only natural. The furniture should be such that it was easy to imagine her in the work of local craftsmen, the same applies to furniture items. And it is here that there are different interpretations, as the skill level may be different. Manufacturers offer quite exaggerated and furniture sets, and more elegant.

how to pick up a set of furniture



Lots of space, more air and light – initially this style originated with the refurbishment of industrial buildings for residential and commercial space. But the atmosphere can create it in a normal apartment. It is only necessary to choose furniture with clear forms, which will not limit the space. If it is the cabinet, in the form of a rack with a minimum of solid surfaces, a sofa. A low, compact-looking and at the same time hinting at a long and rich history.



Bright, energetic, ambitious – pop art must surprise and even shock. Colors are not limited to, most importantly, to shades combined or, on the contrary, sharply discordant with each other. This is quite a difficult task, so it’s easier to choose a ready-made set of furniture, chosen by a professional. Forms are welcome futuristic, but not all the details of the interior should be. The effect of unusual things produce only against the background of usual laconic designs.


purpose rooms

The most common sets for living room, bedroom, office, children’s room, a kitchen-dining room. In each case, there are defining “central” items: a bed, sofa, desk or dining table. They can be equipped with cupboards, tables, shelves, chairs, chairs. All the details are executed in the same style and harmonious colors.
If one style are subject to several rooms, then they may be quite a mixture of furniture from different sets. But it is necessary to select a set of one series. In this case, a re-arranged from the living room to the bedroom or office chair or cabinet will not be discordant with the rest of the decor.


There are kits that include 8 or more subjects, and there are sets of 2-3 items. Advanced option often provides all that is necessary is not required (wardrobe, table, chairs, dresser, etc.) for a specific room. Don’t buy anything else from set of furniture. More modest versions allow to equip a certain part of the room. For example, for the bedroom – a bed, two bedside tables. Given the fact that manufacturers often offer mini-sets that complement each other, such a decision will be beneficial for those who preferred to “smash” spending on several stages. Add the desired interior furnishings gradually. So you can not delay and pick up something at the store design furniture “Bookcase” .