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In the new residential complex Astra the first and only interior show-room, designed by the Perm design studio Indika-Art, was opened in Perm.

Buyers find it difficult to assess the potential of an apartment at the stage of a new building. Gray concrete surfaces of walls, floors and ceilings look unfriendly and visually narrow space. The world has long come up with a way to solve this problem: the developer company invites designers to place one or several apartments in a new building in order to show buyers how to get a cozy home from a bare “box”. For Russia, this method is new, but promising. Not so long ago the first and so far only such show room appeared in the new Astra residential complex in Perm.


The height of the building varies from six to eleven floors, including attics.In the house there are, including two-level apartments.

The building of the complex, located in the city center, was designed by architect Anton Barklyansky for the development company “Story Region Holding”. He tried to organically fit the new building into the historical environment, interestingly defeating the motif of the gable roof – from the side a rather massive building looks like a cluster of small traditional buildings. And at the same time, the broken line of the facade gives the building a dynamic. The Astra is within walking distance of numerous shops, restaurants and government offices – the tenants of the house will be completely independent of the problems on the roads. And if suddenly there is no desire to go even to the next street, then everything you need can be obtained, without actually leaving the house – the complex includes offices, shops, and all kinds of cafes.


From the side of the courtyard the facade is lined with a mirror glass, which creates a sense of open space.

The house was commissioned at the end of 2016, and potential buyers of flats parted ways with the last doubts, developers decided to demonstrate how interesting the local apartments can look, on the example of the showroom. Candidates for the project were selected for the competition, in which the design studio Indika-Art in the person of Natalia Tsareva and her assistant Andrei Vaskov won.


Layout of the apartment after redevelopment

The house has more than 160 apartments ranging from 45 to 160 m², and about a third of them are one-bedroom apartments, one of which, with an area of ​​53.5 m², was taken into operation by Indika-Art. And it’s no accident: a small space is always a challenge for the designer. To make a small apartment functional, we need ingenuity and, at the same time, restraint. Especially when it comes to housing in an elite house. And for the buyer a small, but interestingly decorated apartment. This is an indicator that even a limited number of square meters conceals a lot of interesting opportunities.

“We already had visitors who were looking for themselves 70-80 m², and after the presentation in the showroom they realized that they would approach 55-60 m². After all, the most important thing is to correctly organize and zonate the premises so that everything is in place, “say representatives of Astra.


Wood Table design by Skalny

A view of the kitchen-dining room from the living room. [2]

Natalia and Andrew decided to make a one-bedroom apartment into two bedrooms. A separate bedroom, a large bathroom and a transformable public area. Semi-transparent sliding doors delimit the kitchen-dining room and living room. The same doors made it possible to organize a bedroom in the apartment. A small room without windows was taken under it, natural light enters there from the next living room.


Another set of sliding doors isolate the kitchen-dining room from the next living room.

To make the project meaningful, designers invent their own customers. They make the apartment for a married couple without children, a bachelor or a young woman. In any case, the imaginary client is young and dynamic, which affects the furnishings and furnishings. Things in the apartment are few, all of them laconic, but interesting in terms of design – for example, furniture of Italian brands Kartell, Molteni & C and Meridiani.


Glass doors divide the bedroom and the living room. It’s the same floor that unites them.

The decorators use several different materials – covering part of the wall with decorative plaster. They line the head of the bed with wooden panels of oak. These are made to order from sketches of the author. The same panels in combination, but already in combination with mirror fragments, decorate the kitchen-living room area. They make the bar counter from composite material LG HI-Macs, reminiscent of natural stone. On the column on which it rests is a two-way bio fireplace. The Perm masters do this from sketches of Natalia. The wall opposite – partly concrete, and partially planted with live moss.


Author of the project Natalia Tsareva

Another feature of the apartment is the “smart house” system. This is from the company “IntellectStroy”, which maintains a comfortable temperature, music, curtain the windows and so on. Hosts can remotely monitor their homes from anywhere in the world. In case of any problems, the system will warn them by sending a message to their phone.

Bedroom Lighting

Perm lighting Wall Decorate Ideas

A fragment of oak veneer panels in the bedroom.

In total, about thirty suppliers worked on the project, which took four months to complete. Now they have the exclusive right to cooperate with the buyers of apartments in the Astra residential complex. Studio Indika-Art is also open to cooperation with the new owners of apartments in the complex. They can create an interior in the likeness of a show-room or create something new.

To see the interior show room sign up for the presentation by phone: 8 (912) 499 66 00.

Elite residential complex «ASTRA»: Perm, Topolovy lane, 5.

Developer: OOO “Stroy Region Holding” (part of the group of companies “Kortros”).

Sales office: Perm, st. Kuibysheva, house 61, phone: (342) 2 155 775.