Intermediate stairs and their varieties in a private house on 29 photos

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Those who decided to build a house with two or more floors realize that choosing a staircase is a very important task. It should not only be beautiful, but also safe, convenient, functional and well fitting into the interior. In this article you will learn about the existing types of stairs in a private house and will be able to evaluate their design on 29 photos.

Types of stairs in a private house: distinguished by material and construction

You can distinguish interstory ladders by form (type of construction) and material. The shape of the staircase directly affects the interior design in the private house and how much space it will occupy in it. It is important to make the most of existing space. Locate the staircase in the corner of the room and combine with built-in furniture, such as a closet or shelves under the stairs.

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The material from which the staircase is made to the second floor also affects the interior design, and also the weight and cost of the structure. Later in this article, we’ll look at metal, wooden and concrete stairs in a private house with examples of interesting contemporary design on the photo.

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Metal staircase to the second floor in a private house (+7 photo)

Metal stairs in a private house – the most reliable. Because of the wide possibilities of design, they perfectly fit into any interior and look very respectable, transforming the interior design of the house . Due to the compactness of such structures, they do not take up much space, which is undoubtedly a huge plus.

Distinguish the following types of metal stairs in a private house:

  1. The modular metal ladder will look great even in the smallest private house and easily fit into any design: from high-tech to classics. Representing a kind of designer, it is very convenient to assemble and can be installed in a matter of hours.


2. The spiral staircase looks like an exquisite spiral, which allows it to be inscribed not only into the corner, but also the center of the room. Thin metal steps and handrails look very light and modern compared to wooden spiral staircases.

" Marching is the most common type of staircase in private houses. One or more marches with staircases between them.These platforms allow you to simplify upstairs with a very high staircase height, and also give the interior of a private house a chic and elegant appearance.


4. The combined design can have its own unique parameters, which everyone chooses to their taste. Order these staircases to be made as there is no definite “rough draft”.

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Wood Table design by Skalny

In addition, there are also welded and forged metal staircases for a private house. If the modular products are bought in ready-made form, then they are assembled and disassembled as a designer, then the welded and forged stairs are much more difficult to install and dismantle, although they are more reliable and durable in nature.


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Wooden stairs in a private house (+ 11 photos)

Intermediate staircases made of wood possess the village warmth and charm of antiquity, due to what they are chosen for the interior of a private house, even despite the high cost in comparison with metal and concrete analogs. To reduce material and installation costs, wooden stairs often have a metal or concrete base. Therefore only the railings and steps are made of wood.

Console stairs made of wood today are among the most popular in private houses. These stairs have no base, instead they’re fastened by anchors. This provides safety and durability. In the end, it seems as if your steps to the second floor simply float in the air. The interior design with such a staircase looks very original and impressive.


The spiral wooden staircase looks very cozy and elegant, but it is important to choose a strong railing. A railing that will not loosen over time, as well as rough coating on the steps, like carpet. The smooth varnished wood itself is very slippery and unsafe.

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Note that even the simplest wooden march interstorey stair can transform the interior design. Evidence – in the photo.

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Concrete staircase between the floors and her photo in a private house

Making a ladder made of concrete does not require large material costs, as well as any special skills. Draw up the correct design before starting construction and take into account the weight of the structure. A few examples of concrete stairs in the house are presented to you on the following photos. Notice that we decorate them with wooden and metal details (covering degrees, handrails), paint or tiles. Finish the stairs in a variety of different ways.

 A concrete staircase in a private house in a modern style "width =" 600 "height =" 600 "/> <img class=

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