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Many wonder: how to make the kitchen interior of the living room in a private house comfortable and stylish? Particularly acute is the need for the correct arrangement of furniture and the separation of zones in space. Today we will look at what can be the design of the kitchen-living room in the design of a private house, which should be taken into account when planning, and also give interesting examples on the photo.

Features of design of kitchen of a drawing room in the private house

A kitchen living room is a room in which both the reception of guests, the cooking of food, and family rest in front of a TV or a fireplace will take place. Smells will spread everywhere, so the designer’s primary task is to ensure a good hood in the area of ​​the stove and access fresh air to the recreation area (for example, place the sofa and chairs near the windows).

Among other features of the kitchen-living room:

1. An important role of lighting in the design of the kitchen of the living room

The advantage of the kitchen, combined with the living room in a private house, is the opportunity to save on lighting. Of course, the fixtures should be point-mounted in the dining area, and above the work surfaces, and near the sofa. But when moving between different areas, especially during the daytime, you do not have to turn on the lamps for additional lighting, since light from one source will spread throughout the interior of the kitchen-living room.

 The interior of the kitchen of the living room in a private house - a photo in a modern style "width =" 600 "height =" 400 "/> <img class=

To illuminate the center of the room, you can even manage the beautiful garlands that are now gaining popularity. Such a decor not only adds a touch, but also provides a sense of harmony and home comfort.


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2. The complexity of maintaining cleanliness in the interior

The living room is not operated as actively as the kitchen, and in general the latter requires more frequent and thorough cleaning. All working surfaces should be perfectly clean in order to avoid getting microbes into the food, and garbage – on the floor, from where it will instantly spread throughout the hall. It is worth considering, before finally deciding to abandon the partitions between these areas.


3. The need to visually separate the kitchen from the living room

Finally, for the comfort in the interior of the combined kitchen-living room, a competent division of space into zones (a dining room, a living room and the kitchen itself) is necessary. In this case, it is necessary to take into account such factors as the integrity of the perception of the overall picture of the interior and the preferences of the inhabitants of the private house. One example of the separation of zones can be the use of different types of flooring. It will be a plus if the materials will differ both in texture and in color.

For example, in the living room area, it is appropriate to have a laminate for wood, which looks chic and warm. And in the kitchen area, it is preferable to use a material with a high resistance to moisture, for example, a ceramic tile that is easy to clean from contamination, or linoleum.

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Wood Table design by Skalny

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What can be a modern kitchen interior of a living room in a private house

Different options for planning, placement and allocation of areas are of particular interest in the design of the kitchen of the living room in the interior of a private house. Therefore, below we will pay special attention to these moments. Since the purpose of the kitchen and living room is different, then the design of the premises should not be exactly the same. But a smooth transition from one functional area to another, on the contrary, will look very refined and beautiful.

So, here’s how you can draw it:

1. Use of different materials in interior design

As we said above, it can be different floor coverings. Wallpaper and other types of wall coverings will also do an excellent job of this role. An interesting modern variant is zoning with the help of lamps. For example, above the bar, which separates the kitchen from the living room, you can hang a row of beautiful lamps. In general, the lighting in a large interior should be dotted and cover all the individual areas. This includes recreation area, dining table, etc. A good idea for the interior design of the living room kitchen is to suspend ceilings with illumination. Thanks to them, the light will be distributed evenly and gently. Alternatively, additional light sources, such as a floor lamp or sconce, may be used for greater convenience.

 The interior of the kitchen of the living room - as visually divided by the bar counter and the lamps "width =" 600 "height =" 600 "/> <img class=

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2. Zoning the kitchen of the living room with the help of architectural elements

The living room kitchen can have different types of ceiling structures, beams, plasterboard arches, pillars and columns. They will not hide the zone from view, but at the same time give a clear idea of ​​its boundaries.

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3. Functional and decorative partitions between the kitchen and the living room

Aquariums, bookcases, bar counters, glass partitions screens, – all this can be an excellent way of dividing the combined kitchen of the living room into zones, without taking up much space. We see examples of interesting design solutions on the photo:

 Photo of the kitchen-dining room and living room in a private house "width =" 600 "height =" 723 "/> <img class=

Finally, we offer you a few more photos of beautiful kitchen interiors and living room in a private house. Interesting modern ideas and popular design styles:

kitchen interior living room

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