Minimalist transparent dome in the role of tent

Oasis Dome Wall Decorate Ideas

 A transparent dome for unity with nature

A transparent dome with a steel frame

Do not you think that a transparent dome is a great alternative to rectangular spaces in which a person feels like he is in a box?

Similar objects, specifically dwellings in the form of domes, zooms and cocoons, are increasingly falling in our field of vision, and all because people are looking for something fundamentally new. Among them are the Lithuanian designer and kite surf enthusiast Vytautas Puseras who designed the Oasis dome to stay in touch with nature during his excursions. He secured himself the opportunity to admire the stars at night in a place protected from the sea winds.

 Transparent canopy with curtains
 The transparent dome on the nature

The skeleton of the dome is formed by four crossed arches. On top, it is covered with a transparent synthetic material that does not allow moisture.

If necessary, curtains conceal the interior of the tent from prying eyes. The top of the dome remains open in this case, so that Vytautas can enjoy the panorama of the sky at any time of the day.

This is what he himself says:

“Being inside, I feel that the arches protect me, but at the same time they do not obstruct the view of the neighborhood. In front of me opens a 360-degree panorama filled with the most picturesque landscapes. “

Wood Table design by Skalny
 Transparent dome with a view of the sky
 Transparent dome at night

Puseras says that he was inspired by his own experience of living in various campsites, but then he did not feel a connection with nature to a sufficient degree.

“After staying for some time in nature, I steadily come to the conclusion that I no longer want to return to the concrete box,” he adds. “I understand that I need to find a new solution to this problem.”

 The transparent dome at dawn
 Transparent dome in the afternoon

The delicate minimalism of the structure is emphasized by the absence of any household items. The fact is that under the raised floor of the dome a roomy compartment is equipped. Which Puseras uses to store a mattress and equipment for kite surfing.

Transporting the Dome

The dome is easily disassembled and transported by car. If desired, six people can be accommodated inside it.

Given the fact that one of the main materials in the dome has a synthetic origin. We inevitably ask ourselves the question of ventilation of its internal space. In fact, it is provided by the presence of a fairly wide door with a zipper. It easily opens and shifts to the side, letting fresh air into the tent.

 Transparent dome at sunset

Furthermore, Puseras is currently working on improving his prototype by equipping it with solar panels to charge gadgets. The designer also continues to test the dome in various conditions.

So therefore, what do you think about this project and the concept as a whole?