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Studio apartment

Studio apartment – a modern type of housing, designed for people free in all respects. The very idea of ​​the absence of partitions in the apartment came to us from America, where in this way they tried to give the urban dwelling a more spacious look. The design of the studio apartment is especially interesting in that its interior can have any layout that does not resemble any other and perfectly matches the needs of the owners. The most important thing in decorating a studio apartment is to determine for oneself the desired style and then to follow it in everything. This approach will help you create a harmonious and cozy home, in which you want to return again and again.

Dekorin has collected for you various ideas for the design of studio apartments measuring from 25 to 40 sq. M. Make sure how beautiful and comfortable their layout can be! See the photo and enjoy!

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Modern design studio apartment 25 square meters. M.

For such a small room to meet all the needs of the inhabitants, it is important to properly organize the space. Design studio apartment project 25 sq. M. M. Should include all the necessary functional areas, for which it is important to take into account the technical features of the premises.

Much depends on the level of natural light that gets through your windows. So, if the apartment is on the first floor, and also on the north side, the design of the studio apartment of 25 sq. M is recommended:

  1. To decorate in light colors;
  2. Do not overload with high partitions and furniture, for example, bookcases and shelves;
  3. Add to the spotlights (or floor lamps, sconces) at the corners of the interior.

These simple design ideas will help you achieve not only a good level of illumination, but also a visual increase in space.


How can I zonirovat apartment studio 25 square. M.

Everyone wants to live in a full-fledged apartment with all amenities, so modern design studio apartments should provide, at a minimum, these 3 main areas:

  • The Living Room;
  • Kitchen;
  • The Bedroom.

In a small studio apartment of 25 sq m, two of these zones usually have to be combined, for example, a kitchen with a living room. In addition, if you have a convertible sofa, you can combine the bedroom with the living room. After all, not everyone wants to make out a separate bed, thereby losing precious square meters.

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To visually zonirovat apartment studio 25 square. M., You can use in different zones different wall-paper and floor coverings. Examples of this design you see on the following photos.

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By the way, modern design studio apartments 26 or 27 square meters. M can also be done on the above advice. But the design of the studio apartment is 20 square meters. M. Requires more attention to detail, because for such a small space you need even more functional furniture (for example, transformers ), combined with the correct design of the apartment as a whole.


Ideas for the design of studio apartments 30 sq. M. M. (With photo)

Many people today live in small apartments, the total area of ​​which is not more than 30 square meters. However, this does not mean that you have to limit yourself in some way, because even in such a seemingly small room you can put everything you need for a person. It is important only to properly use the space of the apartment, and then it will become comfortable.

A good idea for a modern studio apartment of 30 sq m is the installation of mirrors on the walls, because they visually increase the interior.


To distinguish a separate area for a sleeping place, you can combine the entrance hall with the kitchen and the living room, as well as the toilet and bathroom in common bathroom . This way you will get more free space and feel much more comfortable.


When designing a studio apartment of 30 sq. M, it is important to take into account that it is best to place the sleeper as far as possible from the entrance door, and the living room will be well divided into a guest area (it can be combined with a dining area) and a rest zone for the hosts . Also, in order to save space, it would be prudent to put a bar counter in the kitchen-dining room instead of a dining table. The balcony should be combined with the adjoining room, taking care of its warming.


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Wood Table design by Skalny

How about yellow?

Combined with a bathroom, the bathroom will be well decorated with light colors. However, if you want, you can choose more vivid and juicy colors.

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Creating a design studio apartment 30 sq. M, try not to make it unnecessary things and interior decorations, without which you can do without. It should strive to have only the most necessary and, importantly, functional furniture. Dekorin has picked for you the most successful ideas for a studio apartment of 30 square meters. M on the photo below.

Design studio apartment 40 sq m – modern ideas

The apartment has an area of ​​40 square meters. M already has where to turn, so you can use the available space to the maximum. Typically, the design studio apartment 40 sq. M. M. Differs in that it has a full bedroom, which is separated by sliding partitions curtains or other interior items. Below you can see the idea of ​​design studio apartments 40 sq. M. M on the photo.

Studio apartment 40 square meters. M. It will look very nice in the loft style, because today it is the most fashionable, modern and functional enough. Large windows to the floor will make your loft-style apartment even more fresh and cozy.

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Connoisseurs of beauty can design an apartment for a studio of 40 square meters. M. In the classical style. The sleeping place can be separated by air glass partitions, which add to the interior of the shine. In the living room is to install a fireplace, which will give the room a cosiness.

The kitchen will be decorated with a chic lamp or chandelier over the dining table.

But the bathroom will be well decorated in a refreshing lemon color and complemented with beautiful furniture with a classic finish.

Design of the studio apartment of the square layout

A square apartment studio differs from ordinary apartments by its originality and uniqueness. In this room, a lot of opportunities and perspectives, whether even the union of the creative workshop along with the usual residential area.

Due to the lack of partitions in such housing, there are no restrictions in its layout. You can easily show your imagination and place the working areas of the apartment where you think is necessary.

It is best to design a studio apartment in a square layout in the spirit of minimalism, to make the interior more free and spacious. Examples are shown in the photo below.

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