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interior design in 2017

New inventions, technologies and materials appear so often and so quickly change our world, that sometimes you do not have time to follow it. Is it worth while to rely on fashion trends when planning to repair and buy things for your home? In fact, unlike clothes, they should please us not for one year in a row. Nevertheless, the newest trends in the interior design of 2017, with which we will introduce you today, are so interesting, fresh and intriguing that you are unlikely to resist using at least one of them.

Dekorin presents to you the best design novelties and fashionable interiors of 2017 with 40 photos.

1. Trends in the interior of 2017: modern furniture with retro elements

In the 1950s, the world saw the flourishing of the furniture industry. Then the light appeared exemplary pieces of furniture, combining elegance and compactness. What you need for any modern city apartment! A distinctive feature of these sofas, armchairs, cabinets and pedestals was the presence of thin legs, narrow armrests and backs, as well as smooth surfaces of wood or high-quality plywood. Such furniture again becomes in demand even now. It fits perfectly into small rooms and makes them look “all 100”. Read our article The history of the development of Soviet furniture to be inspired by the returning trend.

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Note that the return of retro style to fashion trends of 2017 can be felt not only in new furniture collections, but also in other interior elements such as lamps, knitted decor, carpets, black and white photos on walls, etc. However, modern designers manage to reinterpret them in a new way and are forced to combine with other popular trends and trends.


2. The main trend of 2017 – colorful fabrics in the interior

Not just bright, but excitingly colorful and diverse pillows, rugs, rugs and padded stools come to the fore and become one of the key trends in the interior design of 2017. Against the backdrop of fashionable monophonic furniture and light walls, they give the room a particularly bold and eclectic look . More about this you will be told by the photos below (note that for a complete picture they are combined with the trends from points 5 and 6 of our list).

Find out on Dekorin How to make cushions with your own hands .

3. New in interior design 2017: ethnic motives

This trend reflects the craving of modern man for the knowledge of the world, as well as his own history and the origins of mankind. In addition, many people today love and have the opportunity to travel, which also led to the appearance of fashion on ethnic motifs in interior design .

4. Fashionable wall-paper design for walls in 2017

As you may have noticed, the interior design of 2017 often involves the use of bright accents, like furniture, carpets or pillows, against the background of monochrome light walls. So the interior becomes at once unusual, original and light. At the same time, you can at any time be able to change the boring bright details, replacing them with new ones and not resorting to full-fledged repair.

But if you want to go the other way and are looking for your home fashion wallpaper for the walls, then in 2017 designers recommend paying attention to wall coverings with leafy and floral motifs in vintage style. Other fashionable models of wallpaper for the interior you can see in the selection of photos here .

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5. Novelties in decor: wicker and wooden accents

Last year we wrote to Dekorin that wicker furniture, sofas, tables and rocking chairs begin to return from the balconies and verandas to the living rooms, kitchens and other rooms of our houses. New trends in interior design in 2017 surely include not only wicker furniture, but also decor: baskets, carpets, plates and even bamboo curtains. Together with rough wooden accents and the next trend in our list, this trend makes us closer to nature and simultaneously fills the interior with expressive textures.

6. Indoor plants in interior design 2017

Green houseplants are used in modern interiors almost everywhere: suspended ceiling, placed in high pots on the floor, installed on walls, windows and all existing in the house horizontal surfaces. If you do not want to burden yourself with so many plants requiring care, then you can do with a big palm or ficus, as in the following photos

Wood Table design by Skalny

7. Fashion trends in decoration of interior walls

One of the most fashionable trends that distinguishes the interior design of the 2017 is the decoration of the walls with frames, but not with classical works of art, but with black and white photos, vintage posters, clippings from magazines and other original images that will bring to the room Bohemian spirit. Get more interesting contemporary ideas in our article How to decorate a wall in an interior .

8. New in fashion trends: macrame as a wall decor

Today, this word is not familiar to everyone. However, in 2017, macrame made a sharp return to fashion and again begins to become a popular hobby among housewives who like to decorate the interior design with their own hands. Soon we on Dekorin will tell you how you can make this decor by yourself. In the meantime, appreciate the photo.

9. What is the interior design of the kitchen in fashion in 2017

A full list of new trends in kitchen interior design you can get in our article Fashionable kitchen design in 2017 . Here we only note that today two-color kitchens in elegant tones are especially popular (especially a combination of white color and wood is cast in the eye) and with some shade of luxury (warm metallic, crystal chandeliers). Also, it became fashionable to combine them with the living room to create a full-fledged space for rest and reception of guests.

10. Fashion trends in the interior of the bedroom

Unlike the emphatically elegant kitchens, the interior design of the bedroom in 2017 is distinguished by free and bold eclecticism. Here you will find numerous bright pillows, bright plaids and bedspreads (get ideas and step-by-step photos how they can be made with your own hands ), baldachins, and a huge number of decorative trifles placed on tables, tables, shelves and even simply Near the bed.

11. New trends in the interior design of the living room 2017

The stylish design of the living room in 2017 is expressed in the idea of ​​creating a free, not too formal space, which will have to have a casual conversation. Comfortable furniture, oblong forms, soft colors and natural textures create a calm and serene atmosphere in the interior of the room, in which you can relax.

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12. New in interior design 2017 – thin tables

Fragile magazine and decorative tables on thin legs today are an integral part of the fashionable living room and other rooms. They are placed in the center of the room, either behind the sofa or near the bed, to place indoor plants on them, trays of coffee or favorite trinkets. Agree, this novelty looks very interesting in modern interior design!

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