DIY Original Wall Decor – 25 Ideas With Photos

original wall decor Wall Decorate Ideas

Decorating the walls with your own hands is an exercise useful not only for the interior, but also for the development of your creative abilities. Do you want to make a hand in decorating your home and make its design unique? Try yourself as a decorator for your own apartment! Ideas, how to beautifully decorate the wall, you can both come up with yourself, and learn from the Internet. In any case, independent decoration will bring a lot of positive emotions and pleasure from the work done.

How to decorate the wall with your own hands: original ideas with a photo

If you are bored with interior design, and do a full repair there is no desire or opportunity, then try to decorate the walls with your own hands. Below Dekorin will show how you can decorate the wall with your own hands to create coziness and a new mood.

Variant number 1. Stencil painting of walls

Each of us can easily create a picture on the wall with the use of stencils. This version of the decor is best suited for monochrome walls and walls that have a repeating pattern. The stencil is very easy to make by yourself. To do this, you need to draw an ornament on a thick cardboard or simply print out a downloaded pattern. Then it remains to cut it with scissors and apply it with paint to the selected section of the wall.

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Option number 2. Artistic painting of walls

This kind of decoration can completely transform the appearance of the room, but it requires professional skills of the artist. We offer several photos with ideas for decorating walls with paintings by own hands .

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Option number 3. Wall decoration with vinyl stickers

The market offers a huge range of vinyl stickers for walls of all sizes. It can be like small thematic stickers that can decorate the wall and hide a small defect on it, as well as full-fledged patterns on the whole wall. Get here 30 ideas for decorating walls with vinyl stickers .

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Option number 4. Wall decoration with unique dishes

Such decor of the walls will bring a certain zest and rural charm to the kitchen interior. Painted plates brought from distant lands or left to you by your beloved grandmother will look very original on the contrasting color of the walls in the most prominent place.

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Option number 5. Decorating walls with wood with their own hands

Wall decor with wooden panels is also a very popular option for the transformation of the interior. The most convenient materials for this type of decoration are lining and laminate, which are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. More ideas you will get in our article Wall decoration with wood and wood panels in the interior .

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Option number 6. Wall decoration with paintings

For fans of the beautiful, as well as connoisseurs of painting, decorating the walls with paintings will be the simplest and most pleasant way to update the design. The advantage of this decoration is that over time, the picture can be changed, inserted into a new frame or swapped.

Wood Table design by Skalny

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Option number 7. How to decorate a wall with photos

An alternative idea is decorating walls using photographs . Before you decorate the wall with photos, you need to think carefully about the composition. The presence of photographs on the wall will bring a special comfort to the interior of the room and will give warm memories.

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Creative decor of walls with own hands from improvised materials

To design a living room, it will be interesting to decorate the walls with your own hands from improvised materials. There are many items that can be used in design: cans, bottles, window frames, natural materials, etc. Below we will consider interesting ideas for decorating walls in a room with our own hands from the simplest things – paper and cloth.

Option number 1. Wall decoration with paintings of cloth

This variant of wall decoration is more suitable for people who like to make sewing. Before you start painting, you need to choose the right fabric and future pattern. They should be combined in color with other elements of the interior of the room, such as furniture upholstery or curtains.


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Option number 2. Technics of patchwork

The technique of patchwork (from the English patchwork – “blanket, bedspread, product of multi-colored rags”) involves the design of walls in the style of a quilt. For the decoration of walls in patchwork style, decorative wallpapers with different patterns, wall tiles, as well as stretches from different fabrics, are perfect. The main task is to think out the composition and compatibility of colors competently with the general interior of the room.

 Patchwork decor of the walls with their own hands in the children's room of the girl "width =" 700 "height =" 447 "/> <img class=

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Option number 3. Decor of walls from paper with own hands

The most original wall decor can be done with paper applications. It can be both bold paper flowers, and any other shapes.


But the most popular solution today is the decoration of butterflies on the wall with their own hands, as in the photo below.

 Decorating with butterflies on the wall with your own hands - photo in the bedroom "width =" 700 "height =" 524 "/> <img class=

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