Unusual house architecture with fire protection, Kinglake, Australia

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Unusual architecture of the Kinglake house

The unusual architecture of the Kinglake house in the Australian town of Kinglake did not just happen. In 2009, terrible fires in the state of Victoria left thousands of families without housing.

One of the female residents remained in a practically devastated settlement without support, and her mother, whose housing was also touched by the elements, decided to move to her daughter and build a new house.


Unusual wall form

The woman’s main task was creating a sustainable building that could survive the fire if it caught again.

The result was a very interesting building, which combines beauty and strength. In addition, the house has become energy efficient and comfortable, so it can live many, many years.


Large canopies

The new housing is a one-story building with two rooms, an open kitchen, a dining room, a living room, two bathrooms (large and small), and a large amount of open space. The latter is a special request to the architects from the owners, who love as much as possible natural color.

The house consists of mostly environmentally friendly and natural materials as they are very popular with women. Several trees, bushes, and also pressed soil instead of asphalt surround the house.


Kinglake House Patio

Mother wanted the building not to be too expensive, did not involve high operating costs, but at the same time was as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Architects have used original ceilings and wall forms mixed with unusual style. As a result, the house has turned out, which not only attracts other residents and tourists, but also protects the owners perfectly at elevated and lower temperatures.


Earth covering

Before the construction began, several studies were carried out, which resulted in the selection of a variety of materials, the use of which would lead to complete and reliable protection of the building.

The emphasis was on natural elements while also using a small amount of synthetic materials. This made it possible to make the house very strong, quality and, most importantly, roomy.

Wood Table design by Skalny


Interior under wood


neat beautiful living room

Architects were happy to add curved walls after going over the project multiple times. Furthermore, they added a small courtyard formed by specially arranging partitions.

The presence of many robust structures, the development of the plan and consideration of the interests of customers allowed architects and designers to create the ideal home for their mistresses.


A beautiful spacious home




The interior became a harmonious continuation of the unusual architecture. It also uses wood treated with fire-resistant coatings, and soft, evenly distributed artificial light sources throughout the rooms.

Very unusual looks corrugated ceiling, perfectly combined with the style of the walls. Surprisingly, even the bathroom includes a variety of wood finishes and furniture, covered with waterproof mortar.


Open kitchen


A lot of young plantations

Sustainable Kinglake House

When a family loses their home to fire, a sustainable eco-house is a great opportunity. Families can start a new life without the mistakes of the old.

Architects designed the building to protect it from the effects of open fire and high temperatures. In addition, the architecture and design are made in a very unusual form, making the house attractive and stylish.