Variants of planning and design a private house (34 photos)

Designing a private house Wall Decorate Ideas

For many people, a beautiful staircase leading from one floor of the house to another is a kind of work of art and a dream of all life. Are you planning to build a two-story house? Or decided to build a second floor in a private house where you already live? Congratulations on your choice – the construction of the second floor is economically more profitable than the expansion of the first floor. First, so you leave more space on the site, where you can equip the garden with a rest area. And secondly, you reduce the cost of the foundation, which is one of the most expensive stages of construction.

Later in this article you will get useful ideas and options for arranging the second floor in a private house, including 10 schemes for planning rooms in two-story houses and 20+ photos of design corridors and sites on the 2nd floor.

Superstructure of the second floor in a private house: what you need to know

If you are going to build a

private house from scratch, you can skip this section of our article and immediately go on to review the layout and layout of the second floor. Here we will consider what is needed to build a second floor in a private house.

The radical way to add a 2nd floor to a single-story house is to demolish the roof, then build a second floor and install a new one. To it resort, when the form of the second level will not coincide with the first. If the boundaries of the new floor completely coincide with the old, you can carefully remove the existing roof, and after the superstructure put it back on the house. Finally, the second floor can be simply added to a private house with a flat roof.

For inspiration, we invite you to take a look at these photos of private houses before and after the superstructure of the second floor.

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It is worth noting that the construction of the 2 nd floor is not a simple matter. You will need to find a contractor who has experience in such works, as well as obtain a building permit.

As a rule, experienced contractors cooperate with other professionals: engineers, architects and designers, which can significantly simplify the task. Engineer services are required to calculate the weight of the structure and confirm that the existing house will withstand its addition. The designer should develop a second floor project and adjust it to the first floor so that they fit well. The architect will help you with choosing the place for the stairs and the arrangement of the windows so that you can enjoy the best views.

An important point to consider when building a second floor in a private house: you will need to remodel all the installed engineering systems: electricity, heat and water, as well as ventilation. Are you still determined to fulfill your dream? Then see how you can make and beautifully design the design of the second floor in a private house!

The layout of rooms on the second floor of a private house (designs and schemes)

Of course, the layout of rooms and the general layout of the second floor depends on size. For example, when the attic floor is built up, on the second floor there can be only one room – a lounge (recreation area, gym or game room with a pool table), or a bedroom combined with a bathroom and a dressing room. An example of this type of second floor is presented to you on the following projects with schemes.

If the area of ​​the second floor is not inferior to the first, then the rooms can be much larger. Accordingly, the interior layout will be more difficult, and its design will be a corridor or a platform with doors leading to it from different rooms.

Usually second floor projects in private houses of small size include master rooms, children’s and guest bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms and dressing rooms. Here are 4 schemes of such two-story houses.

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In the large private and country houses the second floors apart from the bedrooms with bathrooms can have play areas and lounge zones, where comfortable armchairs, bookcases and other furniture for relaxation and comfortable pastime

Finally, someone may be more pleased with the layout of the second floor of a private house with a large combined kitchen-living room . Indeed: from the second floor the view is better! Why not enjoy it at the evening reception of guests or in the morning at breakfast?

Decoration and design of the second floor in a private house (20 photos)

Now it’s time to take a look at illustrative examples of what a second-floor design can be in a private house. Consider three main options: attic, corridor design on the second floor and design of the 2nd floor with a recreation area. Save the best photos for yourselves!

Wood Table design by Skalny

1. Design of the attic floor (4 options with photo)

In small private houses, the attic floor is usually one common room. The absence of unnecessary partitions and doors allows you to preserve the original architecture of the attic and enjoy its ceiling with beautiful beams. On the following photos you are presented with 4 options how you can draw an attic floor in a private house:

  • Place the bedroom there;
  • Arrange a rest area with bookshelves and a television set
  • Take the attic to the living room, combined with the kitchen and the bar (not to carry drinks and dishes from the bottom up);
  • To create a complex premise with everything necessary for rest and reception of guests.

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2. Finishing and design of the corridor on the second floor of a private house

Even if your second floor is a simple corridor with doors to different rooms, you can still have unusual designs. For this you can use:

  • A rich color of wallpaper, paint or wall panels;
  • Bold flooring with patterns or in bright colors;
  • Numerous paintings and photographs on the walls;
  • Spectacular ceiling lamps and sconces;
  • Beautiful staircase railings, etc.

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When the width of the corridor allows, add narrow built-in lockers, console tables, niches and reading corners.

The next photo shows an interesting design of the second floor in a private house. At the top of the stairs is a corner for reading at the window. Corridor to the right leads to the dressing room. Meanwhile, the corridor to the left leads to the nursery and bathroom (2 closed doors). It then ends with a common rest area for the whole family.

3. Design of a platform above the stairs to the second floor

The site around the stairs to the second floor can be quite difficult to design. When the area is big enough, leave an open space with a “balcony”, enclosed by a ladder railing.

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But it’s more interesting to decorate a full-fledged recreation area with a built-in library. Or maybe even a bench or reading chairs. You can always include a soft corner with a TV set and small tables too. Photos with design examples:

Among other options – turn the second floor into a workshop or leave empty to enjoy the free space.

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