Light filled white wall decor: yes or no?

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A home for simply sophisticated families

We welcome you to a beautiful home, surrounded by nature and built with a modern and professional design. Bringing elite lifestyle to mother nature.

Light filled white wall decor

The white color in the interior of the house brings to life peace and tranquility. Quonochongtaug House, created by Bernheimer Architects, is located in coastal Rhode Island, a three-hour drive from New York City. Built as an escape from city life for this Brooklyn family. The design of the house offers a comfortable and relaxing outdoor space with a poolside terrace and overlooking the ocean bay.

Light filled white wall decorThe architecture of the house emphasized the great importance of natural light. Thanks to the light hatches and large windows. The internal walls then shape the atmosphere and lighting to suit every season of the year and time of day. Decor for white wall interior designs in such a setting bring life to this modern and open plan home.

This is contrary to everyday life in the city consequently with minimal features of nature and light living spaces.

Light filled white wall decor

Wood Table design by Skalny

Light filled white wall decor

Simplicity of nature

The advantage of such a simple design works furthermore saturate your experience with the views of nature. Due to the open space and white walls the decor can be minimalist. Furthermore a homeowner who prefers featured wall decor, this gives you an opportunity to choose decor which works in symphony with the world around you.

Light filled white wall decor

Light filled white wall decor

Bedroom Wall Decor

Simple decor for a complex outlook, large yet slim line window architrave and ceiling fan decorum give this bedroom give an inviting view overlooking the water. in addition a simple blue/cream/black striped rug as a result the colors of the water and sky become prominent.

Light filled white wall decor


This home is in such a secluded location allowing the world outside to be taken advantage of. With white walls and decor left to a minimum consequently the overall simplicity makes this home shine. However taste and personality will determine if you keep the outdoors out rather than transitioning nature in to the home.

Quonochongtaug Home won the 2015 AIA National Small Projects Award.

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