Wooden decoration – "design without brakes" from Tomohiro Hata



Unusual wooden decoration: the design for home from Tomohiro Hat

Designboom is a wooden decoration, the design of a house in Kobe from Tomohiro Hata. Call the police is not necessary – this is another crazy project from Tomohiro. But the complete absence of railing and protective ceilings between the stairs and makes the house special.


Design of a house without railings and ceilings

Wood Table design by Skalny

The Owner

The owner himself is delighted with his home, and he is not at all embarrassed by the lack of precautions. He is a fan of the spirit of adventurism and believes that the prevention of danger is impossible by definition. And pandering to risk, on the contrary, generates caution and forethought, which can easily be avoided.

Wooden Decoration Wall Decor Design

Individual design for connoisseurs of thrill

And not only the owner of the house holds this kind of belief. Many people, while reading on the Internet about his unusual house, leave approving comments.

For example, Raimund Abraham emphasizes that buildings, whatever they are, must be dangerous in order to force a person to constantly return to reality from the virtual world and feel what is happening around him

Each house has its own, so why should not it be free from the usual rules and be open to fantasy and ideas?